Badminton Set – A Complete Guide!

Before getting into the details of badminton sets, let me put forth few interesting facts about badminton, the worlds’ fastest racket sport.

Badminton is an interesting indoor/outdoor game which involves quite lot of interesting loopholes and intelligence to play, screwing both your mind and body. One would be awestruck to know the fact that a badminton player would cover up to 2km in a single game of badminton. Proving to be a versatile sport, it has become one of the favorite sports of people these days. Starting from 6 to 60, person of any age would be interested in the game of badminton. Since it involves considerable burning of calories, people also play it as a morning refreshing sport, as a measure to lose weight.

Now going on to the badminton sets available in the world, one should first of all know the components of a perfect badminton set. A perfect badminton set would contain:

* Highly durable strong rackets

* High grade shuttle cocks

* Aluminum poles(two in number)

* Official net

* A perfect guy line system with tension rings

* Boundary marking and measuring equipments

* And last but not the least, a carry bag to make it portable

A variety of badminton sets are available these days in market, different in quality aspects though. Let me put forth few of the topmost badminton sets brands and give some idea about the quality and durability.

Badminton sets brands are many in number and new brands flood the market every day to cope up with the consumer requirements and tastes. The top most badminton sets brands include, Yonex, Carlton, ProKennex and so on. There might be innumerable brands available in market; it all depends on the individual’s necessities to opt for the apt badminton set brand.

For example, the Yonex is opted by many badminton freaks throughout the world for its durability, quality and looks. A professional badminton player would definitely opt for Yonex. It is one of the most famous brands of badminton set brands. If you are a beginner, just get A Yonex and head for an amazing badminton episode in your life.

Carlton is no way inferior to Yonex too. The only drawback being its cost, which might not be affordable by a few. But one has to compromise on cost for the sake of superior quality.

Let us have a look on the prestigious Karakal, the pride of Belgium badminton, the brand well known for its reliability and fame. A twenty-eight year old badminton brand never compromises for the innovations. Innovations in the molding material, in design and in all aspects of badminton set have always been a part of Karakal.