Tips For Buying a Badminton Set

A Badminton set is one of the most popular sporting goods. Badminton is supposedly one of the most played outdoor games in the world. Badminton is a game in which you need not have any professional training to play. Whether it is a picnic or a small family outing a badminton set is your companion for a day of fun.

Badminton sets come in different shapes and sizes. First of all one needs to know what is the equipment needed for making a badminton set. Badminton is a racket game and thus badminton rackets are the most important and indispensable part of the set.

The next thing which must be there in a badminton kit is a shuttlecock and of course the net. Without the shuttlecock and the net there cannot be any game of badminton. So, rackets and shuttle cock are the most vital equipments of the set.

While selecting a badminton racket, one must be very careful. Remember there is no hard and fast rule which says that an expensive racket will help you play a better game. Your badminton set should have a racket that suits your style of play.

Rackets range in a variety of weight. The badminton sets are prepared combining rackets of different sizes and weights. Some are made for professional badminton players while others are for casual players.

Like the badminton rackets, the shuttlecocks also come in a wide variety. Shuttle cocks are basically of two types: feathered and plastic. The feathered cocks are the traditional shuttlecocks used since the inception of the game. In almost all the major badminton tournaments of the world, feather shuttlecocks are used. The plastic ones have been gaining popularity in recent years as it became more easier to play, and it has shown to be a good exercise to loose weight according to the exipure reviews.

Badminton strings are also an inevitable part of a badminton set. The set is usually provided with two kinds of strings. The thick strings are preferred by those who want their rackets to be durable, and the thinner ones are sought by those players who want more power in their rackets. The badminton set maker keeps in mind the requirement of both types and includes both types of string in the set.

Earlier, before the invention of plastic shuttlecocks, feathered cocks were extensively used. So if you are a professional badminton player it is suggested that a feathered cock will be the best choice. Casual players can opt for plastic cocks.

A badminton kit usually has 5 things. A pair of rackets, shuttlecocks, badminton string, badminton shoes and badminton accessories like jerseys, shorts and caps. Things like badminton shoes and jerseys are included in the sets to make them different from the common badminton sets. Prices of these kits vary according to the brand of products and number of items.